Rote learning by computer – the great plan of this government

There was a fairly innocuous news item on the wireless the other afternoon.

Angela Roberts from the PPTA was expressing concern at plans to trial online delivery of NCEA exams by a company called – wait for it – Education Perfect. Here is the item from Checkpoint.

The most interesting disturbing thing about this is the fact that this trial was only discovered after the company inadvertently tweeted its involvement.

Would we have ever found out if this tweet hadn’t been sent? Possibly. Not many trials like this go unnoticed. However, the government like their secrecy – especially when it comes to policies they know will be unpopular / controversial.

In the good ol’ US of A they love the online delivery of educational services. By “they” I’m not meaning parents and students. No the billionaire proponents of educational reform, those people who like putting hundreds thousands millions of dollars in the pockets of people charged with passing educational legislation (remember if I pay you then you OWE me, and I OWN you).

The reason they love this style of education is this:

Rocketship Charter School – United States

Look – dozens of students. I can only see one teacher.

Does it remind you of anything?

Call Centre – India

Either the billionaire multi-national owners / political donors believe all workers drones and they are the queen bees of the hive or…

Actually there is no “or” – I’m sure that’s exactly what they believe.

The other great thing that having many of computer screens with hardly any teachers: you make more profit per head out of your little tykes. Because it’s all about the profit, isn’t it? If I can save money by not hiring as many unqualified teachers (which I’m not spending that much money on anyway), then I will make more money for me. Yes! Money!!

Our government has been pushing the, so far, failed PaCT system of national standard assessment and the asTTle assessment. Both of these are online. I use asTTle. It’s not a great tool and I suspect PaCT is also pretty underwhelming. I hope I never have to use it (budget is coming up… there maybe an announcement…).

If the government can get our kids and teachers working at a computer screen for their education, imagine how much money will be saved which can then be used for schools, hospitals and infrastructure (and by schools, hospitals and infrastructure, I mean trips to visit donors in China, subsidies for multinational companies holding the government to ransom and multi-lane motorways to my 7 bedroom bach in Omaha Beach).

Imagine if all our schools were like that. Wow! We’d save so much money! Especially if all the “teachers” were untrained child-minders. In fact, we could just use one teacher based in Wellington to teach all of the students in New Zealand! Genius!!

There you go Hekia. I’ve cracked it.

Mr B.


PPTA unhappy with NZQA online exam trial: Radio New Zealand Checkpoint – May 2, 2014


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