Join the Dots: What government is doing to NZ education

Joining the dots – a very apt description. Even though the government is spitting out bits of education policy here and there and not all at once, it doesn’t mean there isn’t an overarching umbrella of ideology driving it all.
All the new teaching roles will give us is a layer of middle management – and that works really well in the private sector. It’s certainly the first cab off the rank when large companies are restructuring people out of a job.
I’m not sure that education (or any sector for that matter) needs more middle management.

Save Our Schools NZ

This explains what government policies are doing to public education in Aotearoa.  It outlines the huge and fundamental shifts being put in place and what the oppositions are. It is a must-watch.

What is going on?

Our public school system is being set up for privatisation and a hugely competitive model.  This push is being made via many measures, such as the proposed new lead teacher roles, charter schools, National Standards, performance pay, value-added models for funding, getting rid of the Teachers’ Council and replacing it with EDUCANZ, and so on.

Any suggestion that there is to be consultation with the education sector is misdirection.  The parameters are set, people on panels and committees are hand-picked to push them through, and teachers and parents have little to no voice at all.

Who should watch this video?

It’s a must-watch for all teachers, principals, and support staff.

Parents, you may want…

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