Third Grade Teacher: What Are We Testing?

There are some interesting points in this reflection on testing from a US teacher.
What are they actually testing?
What value are the tests when where the student started isn’t taken into account?
Those who are promoting this testing never had to do it themselves when they were going through school.

Diane Ravitch's blog

On the website, there are many interesting comments about the three days of testing English Language Arts. Why does it require so many hours to find out how well children read? No one knows, or if they know, they aren’t saying.

Here is a thoughtful reflection by a third-grade teacher:

“I have been wondering for years now what these tests are really accomplishing, and this year I am more dismayed than ever. I firmly believe that they are not even measuring what they claim to be assessing.

“You cannot measure reading comprehension when the student has to spend all of his or her energy decoding the text. You cannot measure writing ability when the topic of their writing is dependent upon understanding of a text that was above their reading level. You cannot test math skills when the students have to spend so much time just figuring out what…

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