Labour and the ‘coalition of f*ckwits’

Interesting and spot on analysis.

Fundamentally Useless

Today David Cunliffe discovered the limits of his election strategy when a likely non-voter blamed Labour for the failure of unions, and called both National and Labour a ‘coalition of fuckwits’. This man is a prime candidate for being one of the missing 800,000 voters that Labour wants to reach.

Image David Cunliffe meets a target voter

I’ve always been sceptical of Cunliffe’s/Labour’s claim that they can turn out a significant chunk of non-voters, and this guy showed why. He was uninformed, a little incoherent, and really pissed off. He showed Cunliffe that a lot of people are deeply angry and disenfranchised by the political system, and that Labour does not have a strong claim to their votes.

This point was hammered home in a recent story by Michael Field for Field describes how National MP Cam Calder has convinced some Pacific Island clergy to vote National rather than Labour. Labour had…

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