Nothing to see here: blinkers and bullcrap

There’s a comprehensive list of postings about performance pay at the end of this post. Thanks Dianne!!

Save Our Schools NZ

nothing to see here I went to a union meeting yesterday.  I’m not working at the moment, but wanted to know more about what is being discussed and how teachers on the ground are feeling, so off I trundled.  I must say, I was so taken aback by some of what I heard that I came home and fell asleep for most of the night, shocked into stupor.

The first shock was when we were asked to quickly list with others on our tables what is going on in education at the moment. As I didn’t know anyone and was there to listen more than speak, I waited.  There was a pregnant pause, then one someone quietly said:

Well, nothing’s going on in education at the moment, is it …. because it’s an election year and they want to stay safe.”


For real?

Stunned, I paused to see what others thought…

“There’s performance…

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