Kindy kids sit standardised tests – 100 questions, all on computer

This is exactly what will happen – probably in about 15 years… that is the unfortunate thing. Most parents voting for national standards now will not have their children go through this kind of education system.

Save Our Schools NZ

Be very, very clear on this, New Zealand parents – this is where National Standards, charter schools, performance pay and all of the other Global Education Reforms (GERM) lead.  It is no accidental path.  Stay quiet if this is what you think is right – if this is what you want.  But if it’s not, then you really do need to start learning what is happening and start speaking out.

This from a fellow teacher in California.

“My kindergarteners had their standardized computerized test today.

crying childThere were over 100 questions. Answers were selected by drop and drag with a trackpad, no mouse is available. One class took five hours to finish. Kids crying in 4 of 5 classes. Multiple computer crashes (“okay, you just sit right there while we fix it! Don’t talk to anyone!”). Kids sitting for half hour with volume off on headsets but not saying anything. Kids…

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