Festival of Education is a glittering cover for something very ugly

I always knew this ‘conference’ was a smoke-screen for neoliberal corporate lies.

Save Our Schools NZ

While there are some admirable people appearing at the festival they come from a very narrow band of what New Zealand education is about, says Kelvin Smythe:

“There will be no dissonance at the festival only a sheen of commercialism and one side of education on smooth display.

“There will also be people there from naivety: gulled if they think this travesty is about education or a festival.

“I felt nauseated at the dishonesty of the programme and the purposes of the festival.

“Heading it, of course, is  that academic tricky-dicky John Hattie.

dodgy clown “The real purpose of the festival is to promote the commercial interests of Cognition and Core in association with ideological ones of the government.

“Cognition and Core are being positioned, as part of wider government policy, on contract, to take over many of the roles of the ministry.

“This positioning is being undertaken as part of the government’s cluster…

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