Former National Party president supports socialism!!!

Check it out people.

I was driving home from work at about quarter past four this afternoon and I heard Michelle Boag, a former National Party president.

Boag, Brian Edwards and host Jim Mora started off discussing the situation in the Ukraine. In particular they are discussing the various revolutions that have occurred in recent years with the unregulated discussions of freedom that social media allow young people in countries like the Ukraine (and Egypt etc).

About 16 and a half minutes in Boag says:

I don’t think you could blame America because a group of young people in the Middle East decided that they wanted something that other young people around the world and, as you know, I’ve had a little bit to do with people doing business in the Middle East and the huge investment in infrastructure that’s going into those countries is because the governments, which are usually the ruling families, realised that unless they invest in health, in education, in transport, in housing for their people then the result is revolution. If you try and keep the privileged few with all the wealth and forget about the people who don’t have it then eventually you will end up with revolution because the huge numbers of people who don’t have the access to those privileges will end up overwhelm those that do and that’s why there’s so much activity and so much infrastructure build in that part of the world because it is providing jobs and housing and education and employment and healthcare services for those people. The only way you can maintain a happy democracy is when those people have those things (my bold and italics).

Admittedly she is speaking in the context of countries going through literal revolutions, but the way she says what she says actually sounds like she truly believes it.

Does it mean she believes these concepts of freedom and democracy should apply in New Zealand? Does it mean she believes that a small number of people should not draw huge amounts of wealth from the rest of the population?

She’s right, of course. The government should invest in health, education, infrastructure and job creation. That’s the only way you can have a happy democracy.

It’s about time someone from National came over to our side.

Here’s a link to the interview if you want a listen yourself.

Mr B


The Panel with Michelle Boag and Brian Edwards – Part 1: RNZ, 3rd March, 2013.


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