An update on partnership schools

Hello everyone! Hekia speaking.

With the start of the school year upon us, there has been a lot of talk about partnership schools so I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s been happening around the traps down here in Wellington as various people and organisations apply to run our partnership schools.

We’ve had several hundred offers from a range of religious entities – many of which are totally unsuitable for running a church, let alone a school. This is why we are only offering them a third of the licenses.

Two applicants (The Stormtrooper Academy and Tony’s Tyre School) have been, very regretfully, declined. Although their applications were very thorough, there were some areas we had a few concerns with. We have invited them to apply again when the next few million is made available following the sell-off of Genesis Energy to the various mums and dads around the country.

Our three favoured institutions who will each be receiving several million dollars in non-sequential bills are:

Guess Who’s Coming to School: This fantastic new culinary school will allow several hundred impoverished young South Aucklanders develop the skills needed to appear in the UK’s foremost daytime reality cooking show.

How to be a Partnership School Teacher School: This wonderful new establishment will be offering a range of two- to three-week courses training up business leaders, industry experts and former prisoners to teach in one of our many non-unionised partnership education establishments. We are very much looking forward to seeing the immediate improvement in achievement outcomes these barely qualified teachers will be able to offer those learners in poorer communities.

High Quality: Business-School: This amazing new institution has been set up and run by former member of the Business Roundtable with the aim of identifying and fostering a new generation of industry leaders. We are very excited about this opportunity and so far we have funded the HQ: B-S to the tune of $40 million. They are due to open in mid- to late-2017 and we expect to fund them a further $90 to $170 (or $250) million in between now and then. Expect very big things.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest partnership school update. I look forward to offering you more updates as they come to hand.

All the best.

Hek x


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