It’s been a long and fruitful holiday. Many good times, zero bad times. I have not yet, however, checked whether Novopay has denied my basic rights as a worker. Those things are best left to Steven Joyce.

My holiday was going along swimmingly until I read this article from 2010. Yes, this is from some time ago, but it resonated with me. If you haven’t already clicked, do it now. Here’s my favourite bit:

In what other profession are the licensed professionals considered the LEAST knowledgeable about the job? You seldom if ever hear “that guy couldn’t possibly know a thing about law enforcement – he’s a police officer”, or “she can’t be trusted talking about fire safety – she’s a firefighter.”

Indeed, in what other profession are the people who deliver the service deemed to be the least able to deliver said service with any degree of competence.

What has been floating around my head since reading the article the following question: Why? Why is it like this. Why, for the past few decades (maybe even longer), have society as a whole, led by the political and business elite, decided that teachers are the single most incompetent profession currently working?

Is it because they teachers to be an easy target? Maybe politicians target teachers because, for the most part, the teaching profession is predominantly of the female persuasion. Women who are caring and forgiving and who will generally get on with things. Are the National politicians targeting the teaching profession because generally they are pale rich and white men and the teaching profession is the complete opposite?

Having a society run, essentially, by rich white men for the benefit of rich, white men will end up with these types of policies. Policies that aren’t overtly sexist, but just ever so subtly sexist.  Let’s attack sole parents by forcing them into work far earlier than we would make them if they were at home with a working husband, for example.

It’s very lucky indeed that politicians come and go (some of them will go later on this year) so their (ridiculous) policies will also come and go. It’s unfortunate that children often get caught up in the experimentation of the rich, white male elite, but policies can change. Governments can change too. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Mr B.


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