Trigger injection day

This is my wife’s latest blog posting about our IVF process. If you read her blog from the start you will get the full story. This is our second turn at IVF. If you want to read about the first time you can check out “My IVF Story” page here.


This past week has been full of highs and lows. Last Wednesday I went in for my first ultra sound scan to see how my follicles were doing – they were doing well but not ready.  I was scanned again on Friday and I had a about 5 follicles that were pretty big with a handful of little ones which may not be ready in time. After Friday’s scan I started to worry that I wouldn’t have very many eggs at egg collection. During my first round of IVF they collected 6 eggs and I don’t think I’ll be happy with anything less.

Over the weekend I started feeling really nauseous. Then on Saturday I started getting some egg whitey discharge. I know my body well and I know that this is happens right before ovulation. I panicked. I thought that I had ovulated or was just about to and…

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