What Happened to Me?

Hi. I’m Mike. It’s been 6 weeks since my last blog…

Most evenings I sit on the couch watching the excuse for “news” we seem to be getting from the networks here.

This round of local body politics the issue that has really got their juices flowing is the inability of some people in central Auckland to run their lawn-mower up and down three extra times on a Saturday afternoon.

Just like the unnecessary lead saxophone break in an 80s pop song, you can count on our mainstream media to give us something so inane night after night after night and then have the audacity to call it news.

But I digress.

I was a prolific poster at the start of the year. Things were getting me so angry. The Tory overlords with their “mandate” to rip our country apart just kept getting worse and worse and worse.

Then full-time teaching kicked in and the ability of my function to brain properly diminished rapidly.

Most nights I would blog after watching something stupid on the stupid news. Now I just watch the news, sigh, and change the direction of my feet on my foot-resting stool.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still outraged. It’s hard not to be when a government fails to create jobs and then crows about kicking a few thousand beneficiaries off benefits into that very same market. That is totally outrageous. How do they get their money now? What happens to their children? What happens 5 years down the track after the stress related with extreme poverty or living in a converted garage starts to manifest itself in the wayward and anti-social behaviour of said children.

Oh, that’s right. Garth George will just lock them up in his multi-purpose prison/charter school.

There appears to be very little compassion being given by our government to the most vulnerable. There are, however, millions in compassion being given to a range of multi-national corporations.

Because, for years, they have been at the bottom of the heap. It’s about time they were given a leg up.

Again I digress.

Something has happened recently. Hope.

David Cunliffe won the Labour Party leadership contest and started talking sense.

Phillipstown School in Christchurch won a High Court case agains the government’s plans to close it based on their sham consultation (here’s what we’re going to do, what do you think, now let’s do it anyway). As other school leaders in the city have pointed out, “doesn’t that make our school closure unlawful because we went through the same process?”

Hekia is currently consulting Crown Law and is unavailable for comment.

The next 12 months will be a very interesting time for we who believe in a slightly more egalitarian existence than all the haves.

Enjoy term 4 (remember reports are coming up!!).

Mr B


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