Something Interesting Happened

Being the political junkie that I am, I do follow the odd person / organisation on twitter who will generally disagree with my way of thinking. Occasionally I take it upon myself to engage with those organisations. Yesterday I partook in one such engagement after the ACT Party (one of the aforementioned organisations) tweeted the following:

So I tweeted back:

They were quick to counter:

Equality of opportunity is fine – as long as you can afford it. So I pointed out:

They bit back:

I’m not particularly sure where we were going to end up with this so I left it. I thought that might be the end of it, yet later on in the evening I was enjoying my new smartphone when it chirped eagerly at me.

Now I wasn’t certain so I went back to check and sure enough the announcement from Labour put a housing investment limit on all foreigners, not just Asians, so I tweeted back to Señor Banks:

Unsurprisingly I heard nothing back for the rest of the evening.

Mr B


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