Just to Prove my Point

My mind has been wandering recently. Wandering in the direction of honesty and integrity. It’s been drawn there by the National government. They of little truth and even littler trustworthiness.

We are no longer inspired by our leaders. Droves of registered voters are so turned off that over a quarter of them are not even bothering to turn out to the polls. That’s a general election. I’d hate to think what the figures are going to be for the upcoming local body elections later this year.

Anyone remotely enthused by your local body candidates? Parking issues anyone?

It’s bad enough that New Zealanders don’t believe what their politicians are saying. We kiwis are also coming to the realisation that the power elite, currently led by John Key and National, are not working in the best interests of anyone other than themselves. Anything goes.

Should we protect kiwi workers or change employment law because Warner Brothers threatened us? Change the law.

Should we protect the social fabric of Auckland or change the law to allow hundreds more pokies because we think a convention centre is a good idea (something about jobs…). Change the law.

Thanks to the John Key government and their constant attacks on workers, beneficiaries and other, what John Banks once called “kiwi battlers from struggle street” in between adverts for deer velvet on Radio Pacific, we now believe our politicians to be more corrupt and more dishonest than they were when Key came to power (this is all laid out in my last two blogs here and here).

Our leaders are their to serve their own self interests and the interests of the business elite (and not small businesses either – just the ones with loads of money).

Key and National are so popular (because of such a weak opposition) they now don’t even try to hide their cronyism and their lying.

Just to prove my point:

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges is poking fun at a massive Greenpeace billboard which accuses him of misleading the public, saying he is “chuffed” about it.

So now a National Party minister is reported as “chuffed” at a massive Greenpeace billboard accusing him of lying (misleading the house – we all know what they mean).

That’s how much they care about you – ‘nout’ as my friend from Preston used to say.

Only National and Mini-me Bridges would delight at being called liars.

I’m sure they also delight in the fact that #pantsonfire is now trending on twitter – although I imagine half of the caucus wouldn’t understand what that sentence means.

That’s who 40% of New Zealanders want running the country (according to various polls).

That’s who is deciding the future policy direction of young New Zealanders heading through our primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.

That’s what we’ve got.

Three letters: W T and F.

Mr B.


Minister Chuffed with Pants on Fire Billboard – TVNZ


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