Who do you Trust?

There are interesting things afoot in New Zealand at the moment. Not interesting as in, “Gee, that’s quite interesting.” No, I’m talking about the, “What the hell is happening???!?!?!!!” interesting.

Firstly, our government is presently trying to pass legislation that would allow one of our spy agencies (the one that sucks up to the National Security Agency) more power. More power to spy on New Zealanders. What are we New Zealanders doing? Terrorism apparently. Lots of terrorism. And possibly some illegal downloads.

We live in a brave new world where, if we all have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear.

Who is that sales pitch coming from? Politicians mainly. Sometimes their lackies and sycophantic bloggers, but mainly politicians. Not many politicians either. Only those politicians who love sucking up to the Yanks.

John Key is one of those politicians. Just ask Warner Brothers. Mind you, at least he’s not like a predecessor of his. Jim Bolger used to adopt the accent of any American politician he was sucking up to. Watching that was about as crynge-worthy as watching our current PM attempt to act “a bit gay” while cat walking ahead of the last world cup.

However, that’s our PM. One minute he’s going on about fiscal prudence and the next he’s making a crack about Kim Dotcom. Can you take him seriously?

You’d better.

He is the most dangerous politician ever to muddy our political landscape. All mates, slaps on the back and hardly any vowels but all the lies brainfades point to one thing.

You don’t make $50 million by being a bumbling dick. You do, however, make $50 million being a ruthless fascist.

It comes as no surprise then that while Key has been Prime Minister, the view the New Zealand public has of their political masters is dimmer than it was two years ago.

For example, the recently released Reader’s Digest annual survey politicians sit at 47 – just ahead of sex workers, but below insurance salesmen, real estate agents and just 3 back from their journalist bedfellows. In 2009 politicians sat at 37. I doubt whether they have fallen as the list is only 30 long. I believe the 2013 list ranking to be lower only because of a greater number of professions being ranked.

Let’s just say in terms of most trusted professions, politicians sit at the arse end of things.

There is a list that politicians top. A league table they sit head and shoulders above everyone else on. The list of most corrupt professions. Unsurprisingly on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is the most corrupt our politicians rate a 3.3 out of 5 – well over halfway.

As political scientist Bryce Edwards talks about in his report on the recent survey by Transparency International:

Corruption is seen as a growing problem by New Zealanders, with nearly two-thirds (64%) of New Zealanders stating that levels of corruption in New Zealand have increased in the past two years.

CorruptionIt is no surprise that while John Key has been our Prime Minister, while he has been changing legislation for Warner Brothers and Sky City, the perception of politicians has fallen. Two thirds now think they are more corrupt than they were two years ago. That, friends, is our leader.

He now wants the Government Communications Security Bureau to spy on every single New Zealander by trawling emails, facebooks and other communications for… um… well we don’t actually know yet because he hasn’t really told us. Other than the fact that the GCSB had previously broken the law extracting a large German party-guy from his party house just up the road from Key’s own electorate office and we need to “clear things up” or something.

If you want some clue as to the real motivations of this change in the spy legislation, just view this story from Campbell Live the other evening. Joining some pretty major dots for everyone.

So my question to you is this: Who do you trust with your education policy?

Do you trust John Key? The man who leads the least trusted, most corrupt profession in the country? Do you believe him (and his ministers) when they say they care about our children and the changes to our education system are about improving outcomes for our most vulnerable? Do you trust and believe him when he or his ministers say charter schools are there for our vulnerable kids and not about fleecing profits from said vulnerable kids?

Or do you trust teachers and other educational experts and their continuous warnings of the dangers this far-right policy will mete upon our young people?

I just thought I’d ask.

Mr B.

For the interested: Teachers sit at 12th most trusted profession in 2013. This is down from 9th in 2009. Let us hope this is not from the constant barrage being delivered against our profession by the current regime.


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