Key is not the key, Pressure Cooker, and other poems

Dianne at Save our Schools has been saying nice things about me so I’m repaying the favour. Lately we’ve been having a poetry slam. Her’s is the lovely one down the end of this post.
Mr B

Save Our Schools NZ

There have been some sterling additions to the education poetry slam, and I thought they deserved a post of their own rather than languishing as the great (often) unread in the comments section 🙂  So here you go..


Assess the mundane
Spend hours on data entry
Where has the joy gone?




Key is not the key
to Kiwi education
He’s the harbinger!



Hekia ‘deciles
Don’t matter’- too to kore
They do to our kids!!!

by PPTA Professional on Twitter


National Government education reforms
Are now NZ’ s national standards norms
The sector doesn’t need this accountability
Because teachers know what they can see!

Overall teacher judgments no longer enough
Instead we have this computer PaC tool stuff
What about the review of the Teachers’ Council
But that’s not the end, there’s Charter Schools, still!

by Jo


And now for Mr Boon’s masterpiece…

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