Public vs. Private. Again.

This morning I read a tweet from the Christchurch Press. It linked to this article featuring a list of schools who received the most taxpayer funding from a New Zealand Qualifications Authority fund designed to help students with special needs sit their exams.

Early on in the article we get this statistic:

The school that received the most taxpayer support for its students was King’s College in Auckland – 24.4 per cent of its 180 students sitting NCEA exams got funding for special help.

So what we are learning here is that of all the King’s students who sat NCEA, one-quarter of them were of in such a dire state they needed state assistance to sit their exams?

Yet more public money being siphoned off from delivering services to New Zealand children who are actually in need.

I wonder how many parents of those students ‘minimise’ their tax obligations thus contributing less to the actual fund they are drawing from than those who pay their GST on petrol, fruit and vegetables and prescription medications?

Near the end of the article we learn this:

…about 60 per cent of decile 1 to 3 schools made no requests for assistance for their pupils…

That sums it up really.

I wonder how many of those schools actually know about the special assistance fund?

Mr B

Post Scripts:

If you are interested in applying for the grants for your children here is a link to the conditions of entitlement on the NZQA website.

Good work on the government for realising this is a rort and doing something to better target the assistance (in my view, if you opt out of the public education system, then you should opt out of the benefits it entails. I suppose the counter argument to that is if you don’t use the service you should get some kind of tax refund… you know… like National gave the well off straight after they came to power…).

If you are interested in applying to King’s for admission for your young boy here is a link to the fees page on their website.



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