Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky (or Naive Naive Naive)

Did anyone notice this during the week?

Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 7.26.07 AM

Up to FIVE set to open? Sorry?? I though we were all under the impression that there were only going to be two charter schools set up under the legislation recently passed by our neoliberal overlords.

So I did a bit of research… and do you know that I couldn’t find one single mention of “two charter schools.” There was however constant reference similar to this from Granny Herald:

As agreed with the Act Party, it will also fund independent “charter” schools in South Auckland and East Christchurch

And this from the Fairfax conglomerate

A trial will be held in South Auckland which, along with Christchurch East, will be the first areas to have the state-funded private schools within the next three years.

So, in actual fact, there were never going to be just two charter schools. There were going to be two suburbs of New Zealand that would host charter schools.

On reflection it seems I was horrendously naive to believe that just two would be set up. What was I thinking??!?!! Idiot. I mean the way they were thrust into the public consciousness with a secret, back-room post-election deal between some neoliberal rich-listers should have raised my ample eyebrow.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.

The fact the government has just announced charter partnership schools will open at the beginning of 2014 and the closure of several East Christchurch schools at the end of this year leaving many, many empty sites ready to go still didn’t raise said eyebrows.

So, if you have an empty school site near you AND you live in a lower socio-economic area in one of the big cities, expect some kind of charter school to open up near you while National are still “leading” the country.

However, there are enough people out there (up to 60% according to Roy Morgan) who absolutely abhor the direction this country is being driven by the secret far right within National so with any luck they will be kicked out at the end of next year and everything will return to normal…

Mr B



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