Brownlee Announces Housing Plan for Christchuch

Minister for Earthquake Recovery and local Christchurch MP Gerry Brownlee has announced an exciting new housing plan for Christchurch people struggling to find housing since the earthquakes.

The National Party stalwart, long-time advocate for market rentals and part-time meat connoisseur says at the end of the current school year there will be plenty of buildings on Ministry of Education land that will be freed up to offer to renters.

There has been a real shortage of good quality rentals in the city for some time now,” Brownlee said while showing reporters around and empty padder-tennis court in South Beach.

“I’ve been into hundreds of classrooms over the years,” said Brownlee, “and many large windows which offer wonderful floor to ceiling glass walls giving excellent outlook to the surrounding countryside and toilet block.”

Brownlee is adamant the plan will fill an immediate need. He says that it’s important that people take advantage of this offer because it won’t be around forever pointing to a nearby studio apartment.

“Take this one here, Apartment Room 1,” said Brownlee, “here you’ve got unique studio living with carefully chosen white plastic siding along one wall which is perfect for constructing those enormous pre-Christmas shopping lists.”

Brownlee was also very keen to point out the superb kitchenette area with stylish componentry and easy under-sink access to a years supply of jovis and PVA glue. He was also quick to point out the 1500 square metres of off-street parking between the hall and Apartment Room 7.

Brownlee concluded his tour saying it was an excited opportunity in a lower to mid-decile street was worthy of our immediate attention.


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