Why Early Childhood Education Is So Important

Here’s a beautiful little video I watched today. It outlines why early childhood education is so important for our young people. It’s not just, as John Key tends to think, daycare for working kiwi mum and dads attempting to earn all that money for share floats.

If you are a kiwi mum or dad you need to start getting active and finding out what our National overlords wish to do to the education of your children. This video is a great start. There will be more to come soon.

As the video says, all kids deserve the best start.

Mr B


One thought on “Why Early Childhood Education Is So Important

  1. I teach prekindergarten in Pennsylvania, United States. I am fortunate to have a small class size of 10 children. I feel like my classroom is a family, oftentimes the children slipping and calling me mom. It’s a great feeling! I agree with many of your points in your video. The small class size, quality interactions, and positive relationships with each family are so important to provide the best education possible. I liked the triangle that you spoke of: teacher, children, family. If you are invested in this “triangle”, then you will allow the child to grow to be successful, confident, happy, loved and excited to learn.


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