Education Amendment Bill – Second Reading

So our children move ever so much closer to the possibility of an education provided by unqualified, unregistered “teachers” working in an organisation that, despite receiving all their funding from the New Zealand taxpayer, will face little or no scrutiny from the organisations tasked with overseeing government activities.

No Official Information Act to find out why your child was excluded from the school you thought they were allowed to go to.

Maybe a meeting. Maybe not.

Government money being paid to organisations that could have little or no previous educational experience.

No official oversight of how they are spending their money.

Here’s a tweet showing us what New Zealand’s greatest ever educator John Banks thinks about the change charter schools offers.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 7.14.33 PM

A paradigm shift. I wonder if he pronounced the silent ‘G’?

To all of you “people” in ACT and National and their supporters, even those who don’t attack as ‘loopy’ or ‘mad’ the people who disagree with them:


They are not goods to be traded. They are not items that need to be supplied in a market. You will not buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell. If you are thinking this way about children you are demented.

Our children are a precious treasure that must be nurtured by all those wonderful teachers who work ridiculously hard to provide everything to those in their care.

Education is about creating future citizens.

Turning our children into commodities is sick. You are horrible people who should be ashamed of yourselves.

Mr B


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