I Got a Wee Bit Inspired

Last night I read this – a wee blog I follow written by Stephanie, a year 7 & 8 teacher from Wellington (just stole that info off her bio page!)

It got me all inspired. And getting inspired was unexpected both at that time of evening and after such a very long-term. Although, as the “back in my day” brigade will be quite happy to remind you, when I was at school there were three terms about 15 or 16 weeks long, so what’s your problem?

Well what am I all inspired about then?


This is a word that tends not to gel with those who seek to bring more competition into our sector. There is a fear that the collaboration that we as a profession so keenly foster from the day we begin our teaching journeys will melt away as we begin to compete against each other for performance pay / resources / clients.


Here’s my goal: by the end of term 2 I want my class to have video conferenced with another class. This class can be in Canterbury – where I am currently, or it could be in Wellington (Stephanie??), or it could be further afield.

I would love, love, love to be able to video conference with a class in another country. However, due to the time constraints of the school day, when we start school in New Zealand at 9am, it is 7am in Australia and the United Kingdom kids are all off to bed.

We might, might, might be able to get in touch with some classes on the east coast of the United States of America. As we start school at 9am, it will be 2pm in California, but the day before. Hawaii is slightly more reasonable – at 9am here it will be 11am the day before.

If our class can get in touch with another class in New Zealand or somewhere around the world then we can start setting up those links that will get Room 3 well on their way to being global citizens.

Then it can begin. Global collaboration.

Imagine working on a class project with someone from another class, in another school, in another country!


So, if there are any teachers out there looking for a class project with a difference this term, or just a little bit of a conversation with some South Island kiwis then let me know.

Let’s start making links.

Mr B

2 thoughts on “I Got a Wee Bit Inspired

    • Thanks Kerry. I’ve just got back into full-time teaching after a 3 year break so any help in this area is greatly appreciated!!


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