I Was Going To…

I spent a long time thinking about my blog this weekend. What was I going to say? How was I going to say it?

I was going to talk about the Whale again.

I was going to mention how he got his “little army” to gang up on a poll being run on the fabulous Save our Schools blog page.

I thought it might be worth mentioning again that getting your followers to sabotage a poll on a rival website for no real reason was highly immature and smacks of high school bully-boy tactics.

I was going to say how the Whale has come out this morning and pointed out the sabotaged poll has been removed from the site, that the Whale had said it was removed because the result didn’t end up with the right result – even though that result had been influenced by an “I dare you… no I double dare you,” mentality by the Whale’s followers.

I thought I would also mention that I read the original post where the Whale invited his followers to vote in the poll and contribute to the comments section, despite the arguments on his website in favour mention Maori and Pasifika educational underachievement without linking it to any socio-economic (health, housing, very low incomes) factors at all.

I was thinking I might talk about the Whale’s own admission that he receives money from various parties, and that anyone could quite easily link his views to monies received – like US lobbyists pay US politicians to vote certain ways on laws over there.

I was also going to wonder out loud how could we possibly trust anything the Whale has to say as his own opinion when it is so readily for sale.

I was going to then ask, if his opinion isn’t his own because it can be bought, then whose opinion is it?

I was wondering, with his strong links to the National Party, whether it was them that are shaping his opinion for him? I thought that since his daddy is a former National Party president that this might be an interesting avenue to head down. I was also remembering this week how abusive Steven Joyce was about NZ Power and thinking it is very similar to the standard of commentary on the Whale’s own site. I was thinking how interesting that similarity between the Whale and the Nats might be.

I wondered if there really is any point in arguing all this because when he finds out he’ll probably get his puppets strung up on the fact that my eyebrow meets in the middle, or I’m a bit fat, without actually arguing his point effectively, because he has none.

I wondered about this, and then I decided against it.

Why bother? I heard the cheer on 7 Days last night when the Labour / Greens power plan was mentioned.

Instead of writing about all that stuff, I’m just going to wait until the end of next year and put a single comment on his page after the election is lost by the NACTs.

It will say: Ha!

Mr B.


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