The Bullying Tactics of a Tiny Little Man (not that tiny or little, actually)

Hi all,

This week a classic example how not to win friends and influence people came through from the brains trust behind one of the more popular right-wing propagandists in the country.

I’ve been thinking for days on how to retort to the diatribe from one Cam “Whale Oil” Slater. However, last night a twitter friend of mine did a much better job than my brain was able to.

Here is a link to How Melulater Sees It outlining the bully-boy nonsense. It is a superb piece of work that obviously took many hours to compile. I strongly recommend reading it.

The Whale is like that bully at school who gets a great big group of his mates around him because he’s to cowardly or inept to express himself any other way.

Be warned people, if you disagree with the Whale then your life and your family’s life will probably be splashed all over his webpage so his little bully boy minions can pour scorn upon it.

Remember, if you can’t argue your point without name calling or other such school-yard nonsense, then your point is probably nothing less than a $2 bag of  horse muck.


One response

  1. Well put. A friend has said I will now have a big target on my back, but if somebodies don’t stand up to him then he will continue on and hurt too many more people! And spread lies and venom.


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