One Down, Three to Go

Well, well, well….

There were surprises galore this week from Wellington – most notably the frothing and foaming of our neoliberal ruling establishment after Labour and the Greens released what will turn out to be a huge vote winner with the rest of us non-elite types.

The rainbow cloud of diversity wafted over Pakuranga.

And Peter “I’ll work with anyone for a ministerial position” Dunne said he didn’t like charter schools and wouldn’t be voting for the Education Ammendment Bill.


Now we just need to get the Maori Party.

At the moment they think charter schools will be good for Maori achievement. This suggests they are buying in to the lies being spouted by the NACTs. We must get to them and tell them what is actually going to happen to their mokopuna.

Here are some email addresses:

And this could be the most important one because of the recent ructions within the Maori Party.

Get on the email, highlight how Maori are going to be DISADVANTAGED by this experiment that has failed so many low incom eaners in the US and the UK.

Mr B


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