Marching Agains the Wreckers

Gerry Brownlee wasn’t in today. He was heading over to represent our government at the funeral of their matriarch Baroness Thatcher. It seemed fitting he wasn’t at his electorate office. I’m certain he is like many other members of the current government – very scared of the general populous.

There are just so many things this government is doing that people just can’t stand. I’m sure it is very rare for the Minister Responsible for the Lack of Democracy in Canterbury to be in his office of a weekend to answer questions from concerned citizens. I am certain he is far too busy.

Anyways… the national day of action against the edu-reform agenda kicked off in Christchurch with about 200 people marching on Brownlee’s office. There were speeches – even I added a couple of words of my own during the open mic bit. Eugenie Sage from the Greens was there in support, telling us that many other Green MPs were joining other marches around the country.

There was no sign of any Labour MPs. Should I be worried about this? Will they continue the GERM? I certainly hope not.

The most rewarding thing was the amount of supportive tooting from passing cars. It seems there are a lot of people out there who value children / support teachers.

New Zealanders who care about qualityublic education for or children must fight the GERManiacs. They will wreck our education system just like they have done in the US and the UK.

I have pictures, but bluetooth is not working so you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Mr B


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