Tourism Minister Cracks a Few Good Ones


John Key our beloved Minister of Tourism and Secret Things decided he had a bit of time to spare and did a quick seven minutes at one of the top Chinese comedy clubs. He opened with a crack at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un saying he’d been drinking from the crazy cup.

While there was silence from his Chinese Communist Party hosts, there was a huge guffaw from Minister of the Whole World Steven Joyce. A press gallery member – possibly Paddy Gower, possibly not – suggested Joyce followed up the guffaw by quietly saying he had written everything the PM was saying.

Key then struggled through another few minutes before saying his goodnights and muttering “tough crowd” under his breath.

When questioned on his decision to perform stand-up, a task he seemed enormously underqualified for, Key denied the gig ever happened. He then admitted that it had happened, but that most of the jokes were written under the last Labour government.


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