National Privatisation or Private Nationalisation?

I was lying in bed after watching QI last night and my brain was whirring – that programme tends to do that to you.

I started wondering…

The National Party of New Zealand, the Nats, have buddied up with failing political force ACT to bring in charter schools in this country. This is a form of privatisation – paid for, not from private companies or finances, but from the general coffers of the tax-payer.

They (the GERManiacs) like to call this offering choice, when it’s not. It will offer less choice and children will suffer. Just see the protests they are having in Chicago at the moment as parents, educators and students try to reclaim their education system back from the reformists.

Anyway, back to my thinks.

Because the charter schools haven’t been set up here yet (the legislation is yet to pass through parliament), there aren’t many people up in arms or protesting or really worried about this subtle privatisation. This is mainly due to the fact that they haven’t been affected yet (again, what is happening in Christchurch is a whole other story).

My point is, there is no real outcry. Until schools start closing or merging like they are in Christchurch, and communities realise the government means bidness, there will be no protests or outrage. I don’t believe the reforms will fully crank into gear until until AFTER the 2014 election. Our electoral cycle is generally 9 years and the NACTional will have to get their shimmy on if they are to wreck things fully by the time their 9 years is up.

My question is this: What would happen if a Labour-led coalition announced that they were going to force all private schools in New Zealand to adhere to the New Zealand Curriculum and be assessed on this by the Education Review Office (our national school inspectorate)? Would the parents and teachers of these private institutions stay quiet after the announcement of this policy and just wait for it to happen?

Like hell they would.

Private schools around the world have been used by our ruling elite for years as a start to their old-boys network. There would be protests. The media (who joined with the elite long, long ago) would be parroting any arguments against this nationalisation of private school education. There would be wringing of hands as people bemoaned the collapse of the traditional education these institutions offer. Within seconds the policy would be quickly dropped because of the votes it would lose.

After all, perception is everything in politics.

In a couple of weeks I’m heading up to Christchurch to protest outside the office of former teacher Gerry “I Ate All the Pie Shop” Brownlee. He is currently the Minister of Christchurch. I’m sure he’ll listen to our protest. Or verbally abuse us because we hold a contrary view to his warped idea of reality.

Our current rulers would never stand for the nationalisation of their beloved private schools so we shouldn’t stand for the privatisation of our public schools by National.

Mr B




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