Go on… I Dare You… No, I Double Dare You

I was having a wee twitter conversation with Allan Alach the other night. I raised a few questions and challenged others to offer up some of their own. Mainly we were all concerned with why. Why are they doing this to us? No. It cannot be!

Before you think of me going all Charlton Heston on you (the Planet of the Apes ground hitting Charlton, not the NRA gun waving nutter he turned into), we raised some very interesting questions with each other.

In my blog I wondered if any politicians would be able to pass an asTTle reading test set at Level 5 of the curriculum. Allan replied:

As he pointed out later on in the conversation:

And also:

That got me thinking. I know! Thinking on a school night this far into the term. But thinking I have been. Standards and achievement based on age don’t exist in the adult world so why should they be imposed on our young kids? Why should you be labelled ‘well below’ because you haven’t met the standard at age 10, yet you go on to great things once you’re out of our education system which, as Sir Ken Robinson points out, was developed and has remained pretty much unchanged since the Victorian age. Just like everything else in our society – iPads, for instance.

So here’s the challenge to all the GERMists trying to stick their greedy snouts in the trough:

I dare you all to be assessed for the NCEA Level 1 literacy and numeracy unit standards. Not level 2, but level 1. If that’s a little bit too scary for you, I can set you up with a little e-asTTle reading assessment and another for maths. It’s only going to be an hour and twenty minutes and it will test whether you are at Level 5 of the curriculum.

Don’t be scared, frightened creatures. I know you are busy people, what with your businesses, Auckland houses and expressions of interest in Mighty River Power, but it is really just a few minutes of your time.

The challenge is there. It is very real.

Go on… I dare you. No, I double dare you.

Mr. B

PS: don’t be put off by a recent challenge in the Providence, Rhode Island, where a majority of professionals and politicians (30/50 or 60%) “would have scored ‘substantially below proficient,’ meaning they did not get a high enough score to receive a diploma.” I’m sure you guys will be fine.


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