What am I?

I’m not an astronaut.
I’m not a farmer.
I’m not a store-keeper.
I’m not a rocket scientist.
I’m not a consultant.
I’m not a shearer.
I’m not an IT specialist.
I’m not a truck driver.
I’m not a nobel prize winner.
I’m not an accountant.
I’m not a dentist.
I’m not a diplomat.
I’m not a journalist.
I’m not a lawyer.
I’m not an archivist.
I’m not a computer programmer.
I’m not a financial analyst.
I’m not an engineer.
I’m not a social worker.
I’m not a surgeon.
I’m not a translator.
I’m not a pilot.
I’m not a nurse.
I’m not a chemist.
I’m not a neuroscientist.
I’m not an investment banker.
I’m not a statistician.
And I’m definitely not a politician.

I’m a teacher. I teach all of the above.

Mr B.


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