Happy New Year from Hek!!

Hi everybody!

Hek here. Just relaxing on the deck with a tankard of chards preparing for everything when it kicks off next week. Campbell Live starts again tomorrow so I’ve got my “no comment” stickers warmed up and ready to go.

Lots of people have been asking me where I’ve been for the last 7 months. As John Key pointed out before Christmas, I’m on holiday. I’ve been on holiday since around about September – or at least that’s what I think. I’ve been relaxing for so long now I don’t even know what day it is! The only reason I know John Campbell starts tomorrow is that I came in too early while fast forwarding through the ads on MySky.

2013 is going to be a great year. I can feel it in my bones. My 7 press secretaries and 3 National Party “Don’t You Dare Say a Single Word to Anybody Ever” minders have been preparing the year ahead. Statements have been released. Sentiments expressed. I feel that 2013 is going to wipe 2012’s Aspen, Colorado. In your face Mayans!

Although It’s been a long, extended, elongated, prolonged, sustained, lengthy, lengthened, lenthenedingest holiday, I’ve not been completely out of touch. It was great to get a text from John Key the other day expressing complete confidence in me as minister. He was particularly unscathing about my communicatory skillularities which are second to none in this day and age. It was fantastic to hear from him after being ignored for much of the past ever. What a Key-hole.

Anyhoo… I must away. Hubby is frying up some paua on the barbie and I’m famished. Yous are all the shizzle and we’ll catch up some time soon – but not during consultations. I don’t like them.




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