OMG Already LOL

Hello everyone!

It’s my second day off since school was released for the year. I spent some of it at my computer checking emails and perusing the facebook. However, at about 1.06pm, or thereabouts, the Christmas genie spewed forth from the bottle of education to grant my first yuletide wish. Lesley Longstone – the long-time apologist for the¬†educatory disaster the National-led regime is thrusting upon our children – announced she was to resign.


After a few hours of ruminating on this I do have a number of questions…

  1. How much is her golden handshake going to be? I would be worried. If that drops on her toe it could really smart.
  2. Where was our beloved education minister Hekia Parata today? Someone said she was on holiday, but since she’s not a teacher I would think she would still be working. Especially since she’s got all those Christchurch consultation documents to read.
  3. I wonder if John Key knows how stupid he looks doing Gangnam Style?
  4. I wonder if John Key knows how stupid he looks.
  5. Who will they replace Lesley with?
  6. Will it be another muppet from off-shore?
  7. Will that someone be able to convince Hekia Parata that she sounds like a thesaurus on a Lance Armstrong smoothie?
  8. If you were to lay all the words Hekia Parata speaks when she’s answering a parliamentary question end to end, would they reach the moon?
  9. Does Lesley’s resignation have absolutely nothing to do with her relationship with Parata and everything to do with her innate knowledge of the forthcoming Mayan apocalypse prophesy?
  10. Who will be next?

Obviously some of those questions are slightly rhetorical. Others may possibly be statements of opinion with a question mark at the end. Either way, heads are beginning to roll and question 10 resounds with me.

Who will be next?

Mr B.


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