It’s All About Novopay

Recently I’ve been giving weekly updates detailing what’s been going on in the media coverage of education issues. This week, due to a range of factors (mostly around the writing of reports and house tidying associated with a move to the South Island), I don’t really have that much time to be as comprehensive as I’d like.

With this Wednesday being a payday for teachers, the Novopay issues continued. Campbell Live have continued their campaign to highlight the vast range of issues that the Novopay system is facing. If you just go to the Campbell Live page on the 3 news website, well over 50% of the stories are about Novopay. From people not being paid, to massive breaches of privacy, all manner of errors were highlighted throughout the week. Lesley Longstone again fronted for the Ministry. Associate Education Minister Craig Foss had to be ambushed at parliament after he refused an interview. Hekia Parata has not been seen or heard from on the matter this week. Neither has Novopay operators Talent2 – who made it clear that they were making no comment. 

The week ended with the NZEI issuing an ultimatum to the ministry – fix the problem or it would take legal action. After missing the original Friday deadline the government has now said they will meet with the union.

The excellent coverage of the issue by Campbell Live is in stark contrast to the state broadcaster TVNZ whose Close Up programme featured no items on Novopay last week.

Expect this story to continue as we head up to the final pay of the year just before Christmas.

And lastly this weekend, hot off the presses 10 minutes ago: At their conference Labour have voted to scrap national standards when they return to power.

It’s back to packing up the house for me.

Mr B



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