Weekly Update on Hold

Hi team,

Those of you following me over the last month or so might be expecting a weekly update this coming Sunday. Fortunately for me, but not so for you, I have to head off to a couple of job interviews at the start of the week so I’m going to do a quick update tonight. You probably won’t hear from me until I get back mid-next week-ish.

Firstly I want to heap praise on John Campbell, Lachlan Forsythe and the team at Campbell Live for really getting stuck in to the Ministry of Education over their various issues – mainly the Christchurch closures / reorganisation and the continued issues with Novopay.

Here are the links to this weeks stories:

Christchurch school closures too soon? A look at the population growth projections from Statistics New Zealand as well as a look at a couple of schools due to close despite being right next to massive new subdivisions.

Novopay problems: this story is from last week. It’s teachers and employees talking about their incorrect pay.

And I’m just watching one while I type this featuring a Ministry of Education email conversation with the Christchurch City Council. Upshot: the Ministry is telling the council not to release information they have in response to an Official Information Act request. I will update with a link. Which I have now done.

Campbell Live is also having a special programme on the Novopay payroll system tomorrow night. If you’re a teacher I strongly recommend this item.

More as it comes to hand.

Mr B

STOP THE PRESS: Another full show on Novopay. No link is up on the Cambell Live webpage yet but the item is well worth a look. It’s followed by an in-depth interview with Secretary of Education Lesley Longstone. She must have the toughest job in the world at the moment since nobody has heard from Hekia Parata in a couple of weeks.






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