Youth Rates

So now National are going against the Human Rights Act and discriminating against young people with a ‘starting wage.’ These used to be called youth rates and were used and abused by supermarkets and the fast food industry to great effect. Why would you employ a skilled worker who is over 20 when you could get a 16 year old to do the same job and pay them less?

No matter how you look at it, a law that means someone gets paid less on the basis of their age is discrimination. Anyone who tells you it will increase employment is deluded. It will move employment to the young and away from the over 20s.

Of course, business is welcoming this discrimination. They prefer a low skilled workforce. It means they don’t have to pay us as much.

Mind you… I have identified one opportunity for these low-skilled, unqualified youngsters – teacher in a charter school.

Mr. Boon.


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