The ‘Holidays’

Good afternoon class.

As many people around New Zealand know, the next couple of weeks are the school holidays. For many parents this means endless days of attempting to make the lives of their children the most EXCITING EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF TIME before crashing and burning in front of Campbell Live after everyone’s in bed.

On the other hand, teachers are probably spending these first few days of their time out of the classroom refreshing their heads after a very intense 11 week term (some grumblings of ‘when I were at school, we used to have 15 week terms’ are probably being said). Some will be heading away for some R&R while others will just be sleeping in until 8am. Yes!! 8am!!! LUXURY.

After brains are cleared, and usually sometime before brains are cleared, brains begin the task of piecing together a terms worth of work. Formulation and rumination. Writing list upon list upon list, usually while your partner is asleep in bed next to you. Most of the lists never make it to paper and the ones that do tend to get mixed up with other bits of paper and before you know it WHAM. You’re class will be learning about 80s pop-hair icons Wham because your list for Spotify downloads and the ‘things to do’ list were written on the same pad. Never mind. Things could be worse. It could be Racy.

Enjoy your time away from the classroom fellow teachers! Get some jobs done. I just cleaned the black mould from our bedroom ceiling. It has been gathering all winter and it is nice to finally have a bit of time to do a chore. Tomorrow I might clean the car. I know it’s time because someone has written ‘Clean Me’ in the caked on city dirt that doubles as my cars overcoat.

Use your time wisely.

Mr B


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