Long Time No Nothing

Greetings one and all!

It has been a long, long, long, long, long, long time since I last put my fingers to the keyboard and transfered my thoughts to the interweb.

There are some reasons for this lack of electronic wordplay.

I think perhaps the fact I had wanted to be less ‘complainy’ contributed. There’s always lots to moan about… especially with the constant changes at facebook creating a listless beast of great annoyance.┬áPlus the birth of my son a 16 months ago has meant nothing much other than him has happened since.

This weekend we have had an election. There has been no real change in the government, more a rearrangement of the numbers with National almost taking an outright lead. They will now continue with more of what they’ve been doing.

On the Tuesday before the election TV3 featured a documentary on child poverty in New Zealand. It was astounding. And not in a good way. What disturbed me most about this was the fact that afterwards people alleged it was a party political broadcast for the Labour Party or left wing of the political divide. People turned it into a political debate and ignored the fact that children – people who have very little control over their environment and circumstances – were suffering from preventable diseases. This shouldn’t be happening in New Zealand.

Being a relief teacher, I’m in contact with a lot of these kids week by week and it saddens me. It saddens me that people fail to put their politics aside in this circumstance. If we made sure that every child in New Zealand had what they needed to feel safe, well fed, well educated and set up for the future then I think everything else (crime, housing, jobs, abuse and so on) would fall into place. Eventually. Over time.

However, the problem with long term planning is that it doesn’t really work if you have to impress voters every three years.

National, Labour, ACT, the Greens, New Zealand First, United Future, the Maori Party and Mana must begin working together to solve these problems, otherwise New Zealand will continue coming last in the OECD for everything.