Enough Complaining – Get on With It!

Hey ho everyone…

Hope twenty ten is treating you well.

I think I spent too much time complaining last year and not enough time celebrating, or being positive. It’s all going to change!

That’s right. This year I’m going to ignore those things that annoy the hell out of me – like greedy banks or drivers who seem incapable of passing a licence test despite the fact they’ve been on the road for years. Those types can kiss my taut buttocks.

This year I’m celebrating. There’s a lot to be positive about. American Idol season 9 has just started in New Zealand (we are a few weeks behind you guys in the US so no spoilers please!!). My wife has just entered her second trimester and as of tomorrow it is just 6 months until our wee bairn (newborn child) is due. It’s all looking good for me.

Anyway, have a look at the pictures below. Both are of Henry VIII. One is the real Henry while the other is a dramatised Henry from the television show the Tudors. Can you pick which one is which?

Please log your votes in the poll below…

See you later!

Boon x


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