I was thinking about a few subjects to meander through this time…

Should I talk about the New Zealand Geographic Board recommending the city of Wanganui be spelt the same way as the river running through it: with a small ‘h’ following the capital W. That is, the area called Whanganui by the people who’ve lived there for the last few centuries could be spelt as such in the future. An important side note to this is that the city’s residents have voted against that move in a referendum AND that all (not just some, but all) of the people I’ve seen on the news objecting to this, including the his esteemed worshit the mayor Michael Laws, have been white. The objectioning has been so ardent also. Why object to spelling something in the traditional way? Unless of course you need an excuse to be racist…

That dabbling of the toe of opinion into the icy lagoon of racism brings me to the current “campaign” against Obama’s health plan. A lot of the placards seem to be saying President Obama’s plans to let every US citizen (except the illegals – anywhere up to 20 million inhabitants) have access to some kind of healthcare is communist or fascist. Communism is where the state controls everything on behalf of the people. Sounds like a good idea but generally it gets hijacked by the likes of Stalin or Mao who end up killing loads of people who disagree with their version of it. Of course, this is completely different to a capitalist democracy seen in the US where people are elected to the Senate or the House of Representatives so that they can make change completely independently of any company willing to “donate” thousands of dollars to trusts run by their families.

This is, as usual, a generalisation. I’m sure there are loads of capitalists in Washington D.C. who don’t take any money from people working on behalf of companies. Also, since when was capitalism a better model than socialism, communism or fascism? At least with socialism the government is trying to look after the people rather than letting the markets decide (remember when Lehmann Bros “decided” to pay Richard Fuld $300 million in the years leading up to the collapse for his strong leadership and excellent decision making). Comparing Obama to Hitler is not going to make your point very well. It’s like trying to get Christians to convert to Islam by telling them Jesus was a lesbian. Pretending to believe in the 2nd amendment by walking around these protests with an Ak-47 strapped to your dick isn’t going to win you any friends either you idiot.

Anyway, those two small issues aside…

This week the process has begun. We are now officially going through IVF. When I say ‘officially’ I mean the procedures have started and when I say ‘we’ I mean Mrs. Boon. As I’ve said previously during my other two blogs on the subject, my part in this process is important but is about as invasive as scratching the tip of your nose gently when it’s slightly itchy. I’ve also talked about the guilt factor that can develop from this and the fact I wish I could be doing more – and by doing more I mean having things done to me. But in IVF it seems not to be the way for the man to endure these moments associated with artificial insemination. Helping and supporting is our job.

The very first procedure Mrs. Boon went through in our – hopefully not too long – IVF journey involved her joining a research project looking into the effects of a uterus wash of lipiodol on increasing the chances of pregnancy. For those unversed… Lipiodol is a poppyseed oil that is used as a contrast medium. A contrast medium is one that, when pumped into veins or tubes shows up on x-rays allowing physicians to see blockages and the like. In women it is used to see if there is anything holding things up in the fallopian tubes. As with previous accidental breakthroughs like penicillin or coca-cola, it’s been discovered this flushing may actually enhance the prospectss of a successful pregnancy. So Mrs. Boon offered to go into a New Zealand study investigating this phenomenon.

When she said yes to taking part she had a 50/50 chance of either being in the control group, who would not have had the flushing, or being in the group who did. When the researcher opened the envelope last week she was pleased (although this may be a bit of an understatement) to hear she was not in the control group and was going to receive the lipiodol. Once again, as if I needed any more proof of how amazing my wife is, she selflessly puts her body forward so researchers can develop better and more successful methods of IVF for other couples.

I must also mention at this point that yesterday, the day of the lipiodol wash, was our 5th wedding anniversary.

So next week we head into the hospital to learn how to inject her with hormones that bring on a menopausal state. I am fast running out of superlatives to describe the overwhelming sense of awe I have for my wife and her willingness to undertake such a vast range of actions to bring our baby into the world. I only hope that one day I can return the love.

See yous later.

Boon x


Worst President Ever

George Walker Bush is a criminal and a murderer.

I suppose technically a murderer is a criminal… but let me explain further.

The thing with a hurricane is that it’s big. You can see one from space. Hurricane Katrina was no different. Clicking on the link shows you a weather pattern stretching from the Cuba/Mexico part right across the gulf to the south coast of the United States. It’s not like it magically appeared either. No. Miss Katrina was heralded into existence by the National Hurricane Centre as early as 26 August 2005. Previously they’d just thought it a bit of a storm next to the Bahamas I suppose…

Come the end of September New Orleans was a toxic swimming pool and Bush had lost the Republicans the next election. So bad was the hatred that not only did the Republicans lose to the Democrats, they lost to a Black Democrat who was half African.

Good old Bush.

By good I mean appalling and by old I mean dickheadedly arrogant. Bush was to the United States of America the type of thing that Ebola is to humans. One minute you’re petting the cute Texan monkey funded by the Halliburton of the Congo, next minute your internal organs are melting and you’re bleeding out your eyeballs. Having read over that metaphor it was making sense at the start but I think I lost it towards the end. Basically I’m trying to compare His Bushness with something terrible – perhaps Ebola or some kind of Bobbit-like incident upon your person – because he was truly the most atrocious president I have had the misfortune of living through. That’s saying something because Nixon was in power when I was born.

George W. Bush – an anagram of Beg Worse Hug… mmm, indeed.

How could someone in the face of total catastrophe leave a city to wash into the gulf? How could someone leave one of the cultural capitals of his country to rot in the summer sun? How could a ex-drinking coke-fiend decide to spend anywhere between $US177,000,000 and $US400,000,000 per day in Iraq looking for weapons of mass distraction. Oh that’s right, I remember now. Bush wasn’t actually president. Cheney and his mates were. Bush was just the Texan joker with the mellow accent who made all the evil done by the satanic lapdogs the extreme right boosted to the White House kind of sound OK.

It’s estimated the cost to repair the damage from Hurricane Katrina is going to be around$150 billion – depending on where you look. This would equate to around 850 days (2 and a bit years) worth of Iraq War (based on above estimates which I suppose can be questioned as to accuracy since I didn’t count the actual money as it was being spent). If the Bush/Cheney regime of plantation owning oil munching slave traders had pulled out of Iraq when the world called their bluff on the weapons of mass distruction they may have been able to rebuild New Orleans in about a week.

Why am I going on about this 4 years after the fact? See the Spike Lee documentary When the Levees Broke. It’s an astounding portrayal of how little a federal government made up of rich whities can care about its people. No wonder there are so many fundamentalists roaming around Utah and Montana training for the imaginary apocolypse.

Ah well… at least in New Zealand we don’t have to worry about that sort of nonsense. The government here looks after the people and the country. Oh no, wait, that’s right. They don’t at all. This week the National government, whose been in power for about a year, announced that vast tracts of land owned by the Department of Conservation – the government department responsible for looking after what’s left of our natural landscape – up to mining and exploration of our mineral wealth.

My god. Honestly. Could you be any more unsustainable than that????? Well yes you could. By invading Iraq and spending more than the entire yearly New Zealand GDP figure per day on a war that was argued for on the basis of weapons that didn’t exist.

The reason this is happening is because of the unsustainable thinking of idiots who run the country. Making money seems to be the goal of those on the right. Making money any way possible. The capitalist juggernaut barrels through the pristine countryside on the hunt for gold or silver or nickle. What do we get in return? A filthy great hole in the ground, massive pollution left over from tailings dams and no wildlife because the bush covering the stripped land was cleared to get at the land in the first place.

Phew! Why am I so against capitalism? Because the model just doesn’t work. Time and time and time again we see suffering and deprevation that occurs because some boffin in an office, with no sense of humanity, just a sense of the bottom line of his company’s/government’s wallet, makes a decision to cut and slash and burn. Capitalists only see the balance sheet. Their projections are made only in dollars. They cannot or will not see the people their decisions affect.

Economists have a lot to answer for. Formulas are ok in your computers or on your office whiteboard but as soon as you add the complex requirements of a human being, or many, many human beings, the formula is rendered obsolete.

Money was the reason for the Katrina disaster also. The levees broke because the government cut corners. The government failed to respond because the majority of those affected by the levees lived in the poor parts of town. Those votes don’t really count because they can’t really fund-raise like a Newt Gingricher. Iraq wouldn’t have been invaded if there wasn’t oil there or the contract to reconstruct wasn’t won by Cheneyburton (how that conflict of interest failed to get impeached I’ll never know).

I did promise last time something more upbeat and lively. Unfortunately the Spike Lee doco got in my way and Bush pissed me off again. He’s like the athletes foot of thought in his continued return to my psyche.

George W Bush – anagram of bugger he sow.. how very true.

Boon x