National Blog Posting Month Fails to Ignite Creative Juices

Hi there,

You may or may not have read over the last couple of days that I’m planning to blog every day for the month of August as part of National Blog Posting Month. Alas… due to the fact the NaBloPoMo website is incredibly user unfriendly I have given up. To get my blog on their site I can’t just do it easily, there’s all sorts of cutting and pasting required. Basically I have to do two blogs – I barely have time for one!

So NaBloPoMo, you have failed to ignite my juices. In fact, you have slightly annoyed my juices. You are a nice idea but the Internet today is full of lazy bloggers like me. I need to be able to click just one button and have my blog automatically appear on your page. I don’t have a spare five minutes to cut, paste, insert, save, edit and resave. In fact, it’s taken me over 12 minutes to type this – you’re actually wasting more of my time.

Well no more!

Tomorrow I won’t be blogging.

Boon x


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