100 Days…

So Obama’s been in for 100 days. They’re all going on about it….

What’s he achieved so far? Well I think his crowning achievement is not moves halting US torture of detainees, time-line of withdrawal from Iraq, or his decisive moves to halt world economic collapse.

His greatest accomplishment to date is the way he has totally freaked out the right wing lunatic fringe of the US. Of course, when I use the word ‘fringe’ here it implies that there aren’t very many of them. In actual fact there is a vast swath of this fringe that regularly drapes itself over all aspects of the United States. So much so that a brother such as Obama, and recently our southern white brother Clinton, have to turn up to church of a weekend to keep up appearances. I have do doubt that they believe, but having to be pictured heading off to the great building with the family rather than just kicking back, reading the papers and having a latte like the rest of us must be more than just a little bit annoying.

The fact that this right wing lunatic fringe uses religion and Fox News as a front to spout all sorts of ridiculous atrocities makes it even more frightening. Think about the sorts of things that these types talk about inside and outside the electoral process: against same sex marriages, for guns, against abortion, ardent unfettered patriotism. All these things can be quite scary to a little New Zealand free liberal such as myself…

The rallying call of the right recently has been the quaking and shaking. I suppose it happened accidentally before the election when they mistook Barack for some kind of Muslim because of the chocolaty nature of his hue and the fact that his last name sounds a tiny, little bit like the first name of some mystery beardo who nobody’s seen for a decade. Anyhoo, the conservative right are now terrified of Obama. Terrified to the point that they have begun a group called the ‘teabaggers’ (see recent blog) whose main objective is not testicular in nature, but to reduce their federal tax burden. Terrified to the point that their main media outlet fails to fully research a moniker before implementing its blanket usage. Terrified to the point that they don’t actually know what to do other than to complain and moan that, “he’s doing it all wrong.”

Ahhhh… the religious right… That vast group of conservative idiots whose main goal in life is to live by the code of the bible while at the same time to live by the code of the self. Their call for individual rights above all others is only tempered by the doomed hypocrisy of telling other people how to live their lives.

Here is just a short list of contradictory ideologies that make up the founding platforms of these selfish twats (twat: noun a man who is a stupid, incompetent fool. syn dickhead, idiot). They are pro-life with their blinding hatred of a woman’s right to choose, yet at the same time they will willingly exercise their constitutional right to kill people they find on their property – even if that people is a friend and/or relative. They like to send people to prison for life or to death row (see previous pro-life point), yet they are unwilling to pay the necessary level of tax required to support the cost of housing those prisoners, or indeed rehabilitating them to the point where they may once again contribute to society. Conservatives will espouse individuals rights over the rights of the collective (i.e. society), yet are quite willing to tell everyone else what to do when it comes to things like those mentioned in this paragraph.

The great thing about conservatives and their hypocrisy is how far they fall. With a liberal type you generally know what they’re about. I believe in this, I did that at university but didn’t inhale etc. Religious conservatives have to keep up appearances. If you need to appear moral in character and then you start fiddling the books of your company/church, or have sex with prostitutes, then you’re in much bigger trouble when you get caught compared to say someone like Clinton who got some, allegedly, in the oval office with a young intern. Even though he denied fully any accusations, when he ultimately did fess up, nothing much happened because everyone knew he was a bit of a loose cannon and quite a lovable one at that. The Republicans couldn’t even impeach him.

Of course, being a blogger, I am prone to gross generalisations without any foundation. Check this book out (thanks to Google books). I particularly love the front cover – much fire and brimstone. Not all conservatives or religious people are going to be the selfish, pro-life, pro-death, money-grubbing, gun toting nazis that get all the media coverage (Dick Cheney). A vast majority of the religious right go to church because they love Jesus and God and their ideas. It’s just that they expect everyone to be like them, and if, “we’re not with them, we’re against them.”

Totally free and independent individual rights don’t necessarily work. Some regulatory checks and balances are needed. If these were in place then the US banking system would not be owned by Obama now.

Can’t we all be good without being God?

Boon x


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