I don’t know if you can see it, but up in the top left corner is a little map with dots representing the countries people who are reading this nonsense come from. I’m impressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is represented in my statistics. Where are you from? Perhaps you’d like to commment? Why not leave an interesting titbit of information about your neck of the woods in my comments section. Any contact via the interweb is greatly appreciated.
On a different note, UK reality star Jade Goody has succumbed to her cancer. Her funeral was held overnight in Britain. I happened to live there when she rose to stardom on Big Brother. My god she was stupid – or appeared to be. However in recent years, particularly in the lead up to her death, her shrewdness was on show for the world to see. Thanks to publicity guru Max Clifford, she was able to make a million quid from her wedding pics and set her young boys up for life.
Thousands of people were critical of her move, but why not milk the media juggernaut that created her?
Boon x


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    1. Hi I lived around the corner from hey, small world bro!!


      1. I forgot the you, as in’ around the corner from you hey’,


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