Madonna Saves an Orphan

Call me old fashioned, but I am a bit of a stickler for dictionary definitions. The definition of an orphan, according to, is a child who has lost both parents by death. Madonna’s orphans still have some of their parents.
Why don’t those Hollywood dickheads take all of the ‘orphans’ from all of the African nations. There’s enough cash in that city to fund millions of little African mouths. What about all the leftover nibbles from the Oscars??
Stupid Madonna. Mind you, at least she’s not as stupid as Jolle. Madonna’s on the wrong side of 50, and judging by her anorexic frame, probably hit the menopause ages ago. Jolle still has years left on her fertile hips. Why does she need to take children from Africa when she can make her own.
Actually, Brad Pitt’s looking a bit haggard these days. Poor bloke.
Boon x


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