Shorter Blogs

I’m going to try and blog more often. However, this may mean they are a little bit shorter than usual. And on slightly less gripping subjects than the economy…
For example, we have American Idol in New Zealand. We did used to have a New Zealand Idol but they ran out of potential candidates years ago. We have to make do with what our American cousins can provide. And provide they do!
The only thing is that we are a couple of weeks behind so any comments will be slightly out of date – like this one for example: why the hell did they get rid of Tatiana? She was the most interesting thing to happen to that show since Seacrest and Cowell declared their love for each other (I know they haven’t yet, but it’s written all over the pretty little faces – I’m going to add the word allegedly here, just in case…).
Nice one.
Boon x


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