Liar, Liar! Pants on Fire!!

Is it just me, or are all politicians liars…?

To prove my point: John McCain pledging to ‘cease his campaign’ until the US financial crisis is over and the very next day appearing in a debate with brother Obama. Isn’t that campaigning?????

Although not making quite as many ripples on the international stage as the US elections, little old New Zealand is holding their own vote for the masses next month. What a load of dross is coming out of their gaping mouths…

Labour: apparently because National leader John Key worked at Merrill Lynch in the 80s and 90s, the current world credit crisis is his fault. What a bunch of dickheads! If they think voters are going to make those kinds of leaps in logic, then they are stupider than dingo trying to break in to a baby factory.

National: we will never work with New Zealand First (a highly racist party that is anti-immigration, even though their deputy leader Peter Brown is actually foreign-born himself; further evidence of dickheadery). NZ First is a minor party. If they hold the balance of power after November 8, then National will be talking with them. Why state something that you have a high chance of flip-flopping on?

This is just a small example of lies that have happened only recently (last couple of months). Watch this space for more examples of lies, or more predictions of lies as both the US and NZ elections draw to their ultimate climax…


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