I trust everyone had a spectacular Christmas with their family and/or loved ones. I was treated to a wonderful week and a half in the Nelson region of New Zealand.  As you can imagine this region was named after the one armed, half blind English admiral who managed to beat the French the same day he died. Good old French.

Christmas day was the usual intense family-based drink-a-thon, including the present opening parts and the I ate too much and sat in the sun and got sunburnt parts. Not that I got sunburnt parts from sitting outside, I just meant that I was…. I might just leave that justification there actually.

If you click HERE you will be taken, through the magical wonder that is the internet, to a series of electronic pictographs chronicling this most fantastic of holidays. Some of the pics actually look quite good.
I am now brown like Spike Lee, but I’m not planning at this stage to direct any controversial and hard-hitting biopics. I plan to relax for the rest of the holidays.

Have a super time if you are enjoying yourself. Remember to act responsibly, or if you can’t, act insanely, then people won’t bother you.

Boon x


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