Mariah vs. J.Lo

Mariah Carey has just released her own fragrance. Why would anyone want to smell like her? Maybe they’re sick of smelling like J.Lo – or eu de Jay-Z.

So many celebs, so many fragrance. I remember back in the old days (he says sounding like everyone’s father), actors, singers and other such people would go about their business for years without feeling the need to release themselves as a fragrance. To me it’s a sign that the star is waining – the hasbeen status of the untalented celebrity is beginning to sniff around the pampered feet of the uber rich and/or over paid.

J.Lo – what should I do? Should I release another album or should I star in another movie?

Agent – um, yes. An album would be good… or a movie.. Maybe you should do a movie. You’re quite good at acting. And they have editing these days, you know, to cut out all the bad bits…

J.Lo – Yes, yes… It is good that they can do that…. But how do you explain Gigli??

Agent – Maybe there were too many bad bits.. if they cut them all out then they might not have a film.

J.Lo – Perhaps I should do something else for a while… The albums aren’t going so well… My movies, well, it’s like I thought I could act when I started in this business, but I’m not so sure any more…

Agent – But didn’t you start out as a singer?

J.Lo – Yeah.. but I did some acting at high school and people said I was pretty good…

Agent – Maybe they were talking about your booty. You’ve got a pretty fine booty there Ms Lo. People around the office have been commenting on it.

J.Lo – Have they?

Agent – Yes, yes they have. Your booty lights up the room when you walk in. It’s like a full moon radiating its light across us all…

J.Lo – Hmmmm… maybe we could do something with my booty then….?

And 3 weeks later Glow was born. The smell of J.Lo. In a danty wee bottle.


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