I knew it. I just knew it.

As the dust settles on yet another All Black failure I can’t help thinking back to about June-time. I watched them flap and flounder against the Australians or something and I thought, “Goodness (not my exact words), these chaps could be rubbish at the world cup also.”

My suspicions have been proved all too correct.

Foreigners who watch Association Football – Soccer – and the Chinese and Indians will be wondering whether this is actually a waste of a first ever blog. How can you write about the Rugby World Cup after 2 solid weeks of small minded town New Zealand harping on about the ref, the cheating French, the cheating ref, the blind linesmen, the cheating French ref, and the cheating ref. Surly they’ve had their say and let that be that for another 4 years. I wanted to say I knew it (or maybe I told you so).

I knew it. I just knew it. They never looked like they were going to win. The NZ Rugby Union spent nearly $NZ50 million (that’s $US7 or £3.50; we rate quite highly against the Thai Baht though) trying to win this world cup. They could’ve given me the money to piss up a flag pole on booze and sugary treats and it would have been better spent. They sent the ABs to the world cup flying first class – put them at the back of the plane with the rest of the normals. Better still, throw them in a crate and ship them DHL. Cheaper. More money to fix up the after-match damage at Heathrow.

The next world cup in 2011 is in good old New Zealand. We should win that one shouldn’t we? Hometown advantage and all. I can see the Radio Sport listeners salivating with their hands down their trousers as they think about the joys of a Clash of the Minnows between Bulgaria and Uruguay at Rugby Park in Gisborne. You know that there will be more money. No first class flights needed for the ABs – they’ll all stay in the Hilton in Auckland. Dougie won’t be playing over here then either, so the Beemers’ll be safe.

But will we win it? Will we ever win it?

Who knows. We haven’t won since 1987. 20 whole years ago. The New Zealand public, and this includes the so-called experts, who consistently (over?)rate the All Blacks far above any other team in the world, will be desiring the home win as their right. We’re assuming at this point that Eden Park and the Rugby Union can come to some kind of agreement over the doing up of New Zealand’s premier rugby ground. The new Auckland mayor says he’s not going to pay. Fair enough. Councils should be paying for things like taking my rubbish and recycling away and filling in that pothole that’s claimed my ankle once or twice this year walking down to get the milk.

Anyway, back to the question. Will we win in 2011? I’d be more comfortable putting money on Hillary Clinton letting Bill show interns around the Oval Office if she gets the US presidency next year.

Boon x

  • As a kind of a PS I should say something about the final played by Saffies and the Poms and won by our African neighbours. But I’m not going to…